Due to Covid-19 many business lobbies are closed to the customer.  So many merchant are having to key in credit card transactions that are costing the merchant 3.5%.  With our B2B processing, the merchant is able to lower this 3.5% to 1.75%, which means huge saving’s on your monthly service merchant bill.

Lower your total monthly service merchant bill to a fixed rate of 45.00 a month.  With our Cash Discount Program you can run unlimited credit card sales chipped or keyed transactions, and your bill will never be over 45.00.

We can process unlimited checks with unlimited amounts that fund the next day for 25.00 a month and .25 cents a check.  I have one client that uses all three programs listed above simultaneously, and lowered his company merchant service bill from 3,800.00 a month to 70.00 (45.00 cash discount + 25.00 check processing).  Could your family use an additional 3,700.00 monthly revenue?

If you not reaching the millennial, y  and z generations, then you’re company is losing millions in annual revenue.  If you can not reach them on their I-phones then your missing out on a large portion of customers.  These generations wants things done instantly, so our online ordering would be a perfect resource for your company.  Place your entire company product line on the Ethernet and process all credit card sales. for a fixed rate of 45.00 a month.  If your a restaurant owner then online ordering is a must to survive during Covid-19.

We can advance 150% of your monthly credit card sales within your business checking account within 48 hours.  No financial statements, no business plans, no collateral required, no credit reporting of this debt to the credit agencies, because your merchant service account qualifies you for our cash advance program..  The only requirement is that you have to have a merchant service account with our company processing credit cards.  You set the terms of payback from 1%  to 10% of your daily credit card sale transactions and the time period you wish to pay the cash advance back.   In our cash advance program, my company receives daily payments set as a percentage of your total credit card sales that you set. 

If you are interested in any of these programs and want more information, then please leave your contact information and someone will reach out to you very soon.  Thank you for visiting our website.


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